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Building your own home is special. As one of the leading home loan providers,Wizglobal is here to help you lay the foundation for your dream home.With the experience of sharing the dream of millions of our customers,we offer you the most convenient home loan plans to suit your needs.


Loan Against Property is the perfect way to unlock the hidden value of your property. With this loan, you can fully benefit from life's little surprises you may have earlier passed over due to lack of funds.

Live your dreams with a Loan Against Property! This multi-purpose loan puts funds at your disposal to use as you wish. What's more, this loan is available at a reasonable rate and can be repaid comfortably over as many as 10 years.

The ICICI Bank's Loan Against Property can be used for any purpose.

*Expand your business!

*Get your child married!

*Send your child for higher studies!

*Fund your dream vacation

*Renovate your home!


Land loans give an opportunity for individual customer to purchase a residential plot of land to do self-construction. Thus, customer can invest now in a plot of land & build in future. The Land loan can be financed only within municipal limits of HUB locations or in case of direct allotment outside municipal limits by DA.


Home Improvement Loan is offered to facilitate improvement of a self-owned dwelling unit to existing or new customer. HIL considers a range of facilities internal or external to the structure without increase in the living pace. Thus, a customer can add or improve facilities to his dwelling unit with a loan at Home Equity Loan rate of interest.


A self-employed businessman or professional needs a permanent address to set up his business. With ICICI Bank's Non-Residential Premises Loans you can do that, easily and conveniently. These loans cover purchase, construction, extension and improvement of office premises. The loan may also be packaged to include the estimated renovation expenses.


EMI Under Construction is offered for structuring a home loan to enable individuals to commence his EMI in a partly disbursed under construction project. Commencement of EMI ensures re-payment towards principal amount leading to savings in interest and faster repayment of the loan. The EMI paid is as per the sanctioned loan amount and remains constant during the tenure of the loan. The tenure of the loan keeps moving up with additional amount being disbursed.


Lease Rental Discounting helps to raise funds against the future expected rentals of self owned commercial property. The property should be occupied by the Lessee. Similar to Home Equity Loans, LRD can be provided for any personal requirements of the customer viz.


*Child Education


*Purchase of Property (Where mortgage is not possible)

*Improvement of Property

*Medical Treatment.